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"And they persevered in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles..." - Acts 2:42

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Africa - Is it Cursed?

Africa Trip Report

The Age to Come

The Lord's Answers

Apostles Now?

Baptism - A Discussion

Binding and Loosing

The Blood of Abel

Blood - Is There a Re-Application?

Busyness or Nearness

Children Teaching on Stage!

Christ Pre-eminent in Hebrews

Christ seen in the Scriptures

Christian Employees

Is Christmas the Birthday of Christ?

Christ's Sympathy

Clothing Suitable to Christians

Controlling Churches

The Church-The House-The Body

Church Relevance in Society

Curses and Christians

Christianity Surpasses the Law

David and Saul, Lessons from

Dead Bury their own Dead

Deliverance, Romans 5-8

Deliverance from Temptation

Comments on Deliverance Ministry

Demon Possession

Disappointed Recently?

The Disappointments of Life

The Dispensations of God

Divorce in the New Testament

Epaphras and Prayer

Esther - A Brief Sketch

Eternal Security

The Feasts and the Future


Free Will

Spiritual Gifts

Head Covering for Women

Here am I; send me

God's Plan for Me

The Hem of His Garment

The India trip Report

Holy Spirit Indwelling

Job - A Brief Sketch

John 6 - The Food Chapter

John 14 - Part 1 Bible study

John 14 - Part 2 Bible study

John 20 - The Disciples' Lessons

John 21

Joseph as a Type of Christ

Judgment of the Nations - OT

Judgment Seat of Christ


Judicial Blinding

Jehovah's Witness Teaching

The Kingdom of God. What is it?

Law & the Christian

Life Begins When?

Little Ones, When They Die?

Luke 24 - Chapter of Openings

Matthew 22 - The Wedding Feast

Ministry in the Church

Mountain of Fire

New World Order

Obedience Surpasses Gift

Obedience & Counsels of Hearts

Oxford Movement - Secret History

Old Testament - A Brief Sketch

Papal Infallibility Refuted

Past Present and Future

Paul's Ministry

Politics and the Christian

Prayer Unanswered

Promises & Israel - Romans 9-11

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes - A Brief Sketch

Psalm 15

Language of the Psalms

The Power of a Question

Rapture and Appearing of Christ

Reading the Bible


Resurrection - Is there a General One?

Roman Catholic Teaching - Errors

Romans 5-8, An Introduction

Romans 9-11, An Introduction

Who is Ruling the World Now?

Ruth, An Introduction to the Book of

The Sabbath

Sick? - Why People Stay Sick

Understanding the Scriptures

Any Second Chance?

Sin and Sins in Romans

Sins of the Fathers

Seventh Day Adventist Teaching

The Spirits in Prison

Spirit Soul and Body

A Stimulus Package

Tips for Living

Volunteer or Called?

Voting in the Church

We are the Lord's

Wisdom for Youth

Women in the Church

Our Words


Tales Worth Telling

The Dying man

A Recent Example of Giving

God and the Wreckage of Sept 11

A Servant's Prayer Answered

The Refiner of Silver

Samoa and the Tsunami

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Comments on Deliverance Ministry