It is well to bear in mind that it is not the day of Christís power, but it is the day of Christís sympathy.
When passing through deep waters of affliction the heart may at times feel disposed to ask
ďWhy doesnít the Lord display His power and deliver me?Ē

The answer is that it is not the day of His power. He could prevent the catastrophe.
He could avert the sickness. He could remove the difficulty, or remove the pressure, or preserve the dearly loved one from death.
Instead of exercising His power to deliver He allows things to run their course and pours His own sweet sympathy into the oppressed heart in such a way as to elicit the acknowledgement that we would not for worlds have missed the trial because of the abundance of the consolation.

By and by He will display His power. He will come out as the Rider on the white horse.
He will unsheath His sword. He will make bare His arm. He will avenge His people and right their wrongs for ever.
But now His sword is sheathed, His arm covered. This is the time for making known the deep love of His heart, not the power of His arm nor the sharpness of His sword.

Are you satisfied to have it this way?

Is Christís sympathy enough for your heart, even amid the keenest sorrow and the most intense affliction?

The restless heart, the impatient spirit, the unmortified will would lead one to long for escape from the trial, the difficulty or the pressure, but this would never do. It would involve incalculable loss. We must pass from grade to grade in the school, but the Master accompanies us and the light of His countenance and the tender sympathy of His heart sustains us under the most severe testing.

C.H. Mackintosh