"And having begun from Moses and from all the prophets, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the
things concerning himself" - Luke 24:27. What can we say? Each may have a different impression.
Another person may see Christ as the shepherd when thinking of the Psalms. I just show one or two
allusions to Christ, although there may be many in a book. E.g. Moses' writings are full of types in the
tabernacle, the furnishings, the offerings and the feasts - "shadows of the coming good things". 
                                        MM  Jan 2006
In:  the Lord Jesus is seen as: Comments 
Genesis the Seed of the woman Ch.3:15
  the Lord of all the earth as seen in Joseph ruling among the nations
Exodus the Apostle and High Priest  Moses and Aaron; see also Hebrews
Leviticus our Approach to God the perfect offering
Numbers the Rock that followed them see 1 Corinthians 
Deuteronomy King in Jeshurun In the midst of the upright people Ch.33:5
Joshua the One who leads his people   by the power of the Holy Spirit
Judges the captain of Jehovah's army  
Ruth the Kinsman/Redeemer as seen in Boaz, the mighty man of wealth
1 Samuel the anointed and rejected King as seen in David
2 Samuel the conquering King established See also Psalm 2:6
1 Kings the Prophet, Priest and King as seen in Solomon
2 Kings the Minister of grace as seen in Elisha's ministry
1 Chronicles the King on the throne of Jehovah Solomon, 1Chron. 29:23
2 Chronicles the King of Kings Kings bring tribute & hear wisdom - Ch. 9
Ezra the Lord who moves the hearts of kings  
Nehemiah the Reviver of his gathered people  
Esther the Protector of his scattered people  
Job the Redeemer Ch. 19:25, I know that my Redeemer lives…
Psalms the Son of God and the Son of man Psalms 2 and  8
  David's son and David's Lord Psalm 110
Proverbs the Teacher of wisdom    
Ecclesiastes the Preacher  
Song of Solomon the Bridegroom  
Isaiah the One who suffers and will reign Ch. 53, and many others
  Titles of glory , ch. 9:6
Jeremiah the Giver of the new covenant Ch. 31
Lamentations the Man of sorrows  
Ezekiel the describer of the coming temple/order Chs. 40-48
Daniel the Ancient of days Ch. 7:9
Hosea the God of resurrection Ch. 6:2
Joel the refuge of his people in judgment Ch. 3:16
Amos the Lord who disciplines his own Ch.3:2
Obadiah the Lord of the kingdom Verse 21.
Jonah the Lord of pity for Ninevah
Micah the Judge of Israel Ch. 5:1; Ruler, 5:2; Peace, 5:5
Nahum the jealous & avenging Lord A stronghold in the day of trouble
Habakkuk the Rock, and Strength in distress Ch.1:12 & 3:19
Zephaniah the King of Israel who saves & rejoices Ch.3:14-18
Haggai the One who fills God's house with glory Ch. 2:7
Zechariah the Branch; the just & lowly King Ch. 3:8; 9:9
Malachi the Refiner; the Sun of Righteousness Ch.3:3 & 4:2
Matthew the Son of David;          the king of Israel  
Mark the Servant;                        the Prophet  
Luke the Son of man;                     the Priest  
John the Son of the Father;     the Son of God  
Acts the risen Lord  
Romans the one marked out Son of God in power Ch. 1:
  our deliverer and justifier  
1 Corinthians Christ God's power and God's wisdom Ch. 1:24
2 Corinthians the expression of God's glory Ch.4
Galatians our Deliverer from the law and the world  
Epesians the ascended Lord  
Philippians the exalted Man Ch. 2
Colossians the head of the body  
1 Thessalonians the returning Lord Ch. 4:15-18; the rapture of believers
2 Thessalonians the appearing Lord Ch. 2:8; the appearing to the world
1 Timothy the one mediator Ch.2:5
2 Timothy the Lord who knows his own in days of difficulty [perilous times]
Titus Christ Jesus our Saviour Ch. 1:4, etc.
Philemon the Lord of all compassion  
Hebrews the One who eclipses all others Chs. 1-10; angels, Moses, Joshua, Aaron…
James the Lord of glory Ch. 2:1
1 Peter the suffering Lord; our model Ch.2
2 Peter our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Chs.1:2, 1:11, 3:18
1 John our Patron [Advocate] with the Father Ch.2:1
  the true God and eternal life Ch. 5:20
2 John the Son of the Father  
3 John the truth  
Jude our only Master & Lord Jesus Christ Vs.4
Revelation the Alpha and the Omega Chs. 1 and 22
  the judge of the Church Chs. 1-3
  the Lamb of God various
  Faithful and True Ch. 19:11
  the Word of God Ch. 19:13
  the King of kings and Lord of lords Ch. 19:16
  the judge of the dead Ch. 20:12
  the root and offspring of David Ch. 22:16
  the bright morning star Ch. 22:16