A Romanian brother in Sydney had letters from his homeland informing him of a need in a town where some evangelical Christians met. They had a concern for a family that was living in abject poverty. The parents were limited mentally. The hovel they called home was extremely primitive. The windows were without glass – old garments were hung to keep out the European winter. The parents would sometimes go away in search of work or sustenance and leave a handicapped daughter by herself. She slept in a hollow in the dirt floor for warmth, and at times ate grass - and worse.

One of the evangelical Christians in that town is an architect and builder. He suggested to our friend in Sydney that if we could provide some money, say $3,500, they could build these people a home. This we did, and he and his companions razed the old building and quickly built a new home with concrete blocks, proper windows and doors, and a galvanised steel roof. And yes, it has style! We have seen the “before” and “after” photos.

The local townsfolk were utterly amazed that people would do such a thing for helpless “outcasts”, who were neither relatives nor were of the same (or any) religious persuasion. The mayor of the town was so impressed that he asked one of the brothers if something could be done for them. The brother answered that he just desired the freedom to preach the gospel. The mayor granted him that, and the use of the local cinema as well!

They announced their intention to preach the next Saturday. One hundred people attended. The brothers knew that the Sunday was a very special day on the Romanian Orthodox calendar, but announced that they would go ahead with a preaching anyway.
As many as 400 attended! Yes, souls have been blessed. A recent letter advises that 21 persons have made a definite commitment to the Lord. Please pray that they may be preserved. They are meeting opposition already. From the world? No. From persons belonging to the Orthodox Church.

How we should lift up our hearts in praise “to Him who is able to do far exceedingly above all that we ask or think”.