They found the stone rolled away from the sepulcher. Luke 24:2.

Luke 24 is a chapter of openings.

1. Open grave-
Christ is risen, see verses 2 and 6.

2. Opened Scriptures -
“as He opened the Scriptures to us”, verses 27 and 32.

3. Open home -
as the disciples invited Him to stay with them – verse 29.

4. Opened eyes -
“their eyes were opened and they recognized Him”, verse 31.

5. Opened understandings -
“opened their understanding to understand the Scriptures”, v.45

6. Opened heaven:
“He was carried up into heaven”, received by the Father, v. 51.

7. Opened mouths –
the disciples are last seen praising and blessing God, verse 53.

Extracted from Choice Gleanings Calendar,
On the date of 9 November 2008

MM January 2009